Let’s get started!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I will be sharing everything I learn on my journey to living a “green” and healthy life while balancing a busy schedule. Some of the upcoming posts will include yummy healthy recipes, organic gardening tips, how to make your own safe and healthy household products, DIY natural beauty/hygiene products, plus bloopers of my not-so-successful attempts at any of the above.

This blog is intended to share content about practical ways to live what I call a “green life.” And by practical, I mean realistic ways to do small things to change your life in a big way. We are all extremely busy and rarely have the time to find and implement new things into our daily routines. The thought of putting something extra on my plate makes my head want to explode! But I needed to find ways to solve my own health issues.

As mentioned on my About page, I have struggled with skin conditions and food allergies my entire life and I got sick of being sick. This blog will share with you some of the things that I have done in my life that have made my life so much better. I am healthier, happier and feel like I’m doing my part to keep our Earth a beautiful place.

What I have to offer is not for everyone, this is just my take on life. But if you are interested in anything I have said, please subscribe. I am open to questions and suggestions.

First post is coming soon!

Until then, I send you peace, love and good energy.


4 responses to “Let’s get started!

  1. Great first blog Sharon. After losing a bunch of weight, I’ve been trying to get organic in my cooking. Looking forward to your tips.

  2. I love what your blog is about and i cant wait to read it! Have you ever read the book “Skinny Bitch: Home, Beauty & Style: A No-Nonsense Guide to Cutting the Crap Out of Your Life for a Better Body and a Kinder World”? I bought it but haven’t got past the first chapter becuase it already scared me with all the bad stuff in everything around my house. plus its to the extreme which makes it a little more inconvienant to follow.

    • I have not read that book, but I can only imagine your shock to learn about the toxic stuff we live with everyday. I not only care what I put in my body but what I put on my body. I look forward to sharing with you some of the things I have done to make my home and life a safer place. My approach is not an extreme one, rather a practical one that anyone can do.

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