I tried this recipe and it is phenomenal!!! I will be baking this and bringing it as gifts for friends and family (especially those trying to go gluten-free!) I only had 3 bananas when I went to bake it, so I used 1/2 cup of my homemade applesauce in the place of the fourth banana. It was SO amazing! This bread is decadent, moist … it’s basically like eating cake, but it is healthy! Although one loaf is about 2100 calories … the ingredients make it high quality and packed full of nutrients. Enjoy!!!

Paleo Update:  We’re in the home stretch!  Only 3 more days of our strict Paleo challenge.  How convenient that February 1st happens to land on a Friday (happy hour, grocery shopping, celebrating). 😉  Ready for some random Paleo insights?

  • When you’re living a Paleo lifestyle, it doesn’t really matter what meal of the day it is.  Let me explain… Traditionally, we think of breakfast as bacon, eggs, cereal, oatmeal, you know, “breakfast foods.”  Lunch may consist of a sandwich and a bag of chips or a salad with some fruit and then dinner is your iconic meat and potatoes with dessert.  Well, on Paleo I’ve come to notice that all of my meals follow similar structures.  Since we’re trying to eat mostly protein with healthy fats and a side of veggies, it doesn’t seem out of place to eat half a chicken breast with a scoop of avocado for breakfast or…

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