Hi! My name is Sharon and welcome to my blog. I will be covering content related to green living, recycling, up-cycling, healthy eating, and other miscellaneous adventures in my journey to living a happy and healthy life.

My life has been plagued by numerous food allergies and skin conditions which have brought me much discomfort. I was first diagnosed with some form of asthma related to dust and pet dander sometime around the age of 10. I remember not being able to run without collapsing in a fit of coughing.  When I was 13 years old I went to the doctor for a rash that was all over my legs … turned out to be severely dry skin. Back then I was given an inhaler and told to not take hot showers and to put on lotion twice a day. Then, my trouble started to really unfold. I don’t remember when it happened, but at some point I was getting this strange and painful reaction on my tongue to certain foods. Overtime I realized I was allergic to anything acidic: tomatoes, most fruits, and some nuts. The only way I can describe the reaction is that my taste buds swell up to the point of extreme pain. Strange. I know.

Until my early 20’s I thought I had my food allergies figured out. I just needed to stay away from those acidic foods and nuts which made my tongue hurt. But for some reason, I was always itchy and always had an upset stomach. I would rationalize these conditions as a result of living in the high desert and being stressed. But I was sick of being sick. Eventually, I went to a doctor and got a blood test for allergies. Turns out I’m allergic to many more things! JOY! These new allergies did not manifest themselves the way the acidic foods and nuts did … they took days to show up, and gave me nasty stomach aches and itchy skin. Needless to say I became allergic to almost all foods including dairy, bananas, asparagus, oysters, wheat, and even sugar.

Giving up these foods is difficult to say the least, but I knew I had to do it if I wanted to get rid of the constant stomach aches and skin conditions. In 2010 I made the decision to make the hard life changes that it would take for me to live a happy and healthy life. I stopped eating red meat, began cooking with tofu, and ate salads (I hated salads). I replaced dairy with dairy-free alternatives, started drinking almond and soy milk, and began running … something I simply could not do when I was younger.

In this blog I will share with you my journey to a happier and healthier life. This will include recipes, stories, and step-by-step instructions of my modern-urban-hippie ways of living. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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  1. Hi Sharon, I have a question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

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