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5 things I’ve been loving lately

Me, on a hike with my family at Castle Rock.

Me, on a hike with my family at Castle Rock.

Life catches up with us … sometimes, it feels like life is moving in fast-forward. At least for me. If you’re busy … you know what I’m talking about. But it’s OKAY! We can still be healthy and green even when life is spinning out of control. It takes a little discipline and the drive to be healthy, but with a little effort, we can reap what we sow.  Below is a list of the five things I have been loving during the whirlwind I call “my life.”

#1 – Book stores!

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live the local book stores are meeting their end and succumbing to the digital era. It is unfortunate to watch one of the great legacy’s of our  time whither and die, but I suppose it is a part of the cycle of life.

I have an absolute love for collecting books … I may do a little more collecting than reading, but who is keeping score? In my collecting spirit I took advantage of an offer from one of my friends to meet her at one of the book stores that is closing in our area for their 50% sale. I picked up some wonderful books about gardening and herbal medicines. I am very excited to add them to my collection. I have always fancied myself as an apothecary…

At any rate … go check out your local book store and find some great deals on books about subjects you want to learn more about.

2. Homemade deodorant!

Okay, so people look at me sideways when I tell them I make my own deodorant and that I am wearing it at the present moment. I think they are wondering if I smell and if they should take a step back. To be honest, I was apprehensive at first, but I was sick of using the commercial stuff that I knew was slowly poisoning me … I got to the point where I would rather smell bad than die. Logical, right?

So I saw this post for Primal Pit Paste … so I began reading about it. It looked like it would work, so I read the ingredients and was shocked when I realized I had all the ingredients in my pantry. And in my apothecary spirit I skipped to my kitchen to begin creating. I whipped up a small batch, poured it into an old deodorant container and began using it. I loved it so much I made some for my Sugar. And he loves it! In fact – the dark marks under his arms have disappeared (which I think were caused by the toxins in the commercial deodorant).

Honestly, I’m hooked. I’m going to be making some more for a friend soon – can’t wait for her to try it out!

3. Taking my supplements!

I don’t know about you, but I am the worst about taking my supplements. I don’t know if it just the pure rebellion bubbling up … but I always “forget.” In fact, I just now realized that I have two maca and a vitamin B complex in my pocket as I type this. Yes, I just took them out of my pocket and swallowed them. (Good girl!) When I do take them, I feel so much better.

Truth is … most of us are deficient in the nutrients we truly need from our diets. For me I like taking vitamins B and D, evening primrose oil, maca, spirulina, flax oil, safflower oil and borage  oil. Consult with your local homeopath or doctor about what supplements are right for you. Every body is different.

4. Information on Facebook!

Recently I have liked the following pages to keep me up-to-date on the happenings of our world:

  • NPR
  • Oh She Glows
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • DIY Natural
  • Wellness Mama
  • Rural Spin

And I have liked some our local businesses such as co-ops and raw food chefs. Check it out … there is a world of knowledge to be had!

5. Down time!

Wait, what? What is this so-called downtime?

I know, I know … I know. It is truly the last thing a type-A, busy college student, who is working has time for. However, we are animals, not machines. If we don’t take the time to rest and relax, we’re gonna break, and we’re gonna break hard!

In the interest of living past my 30’s I have decided that taking some down time is a good thing. So – what have I been doing in this down time?

  1. Writing this blog … I know, it’s been a while. 
  2. Joined a book club to re-learn the love of reading that college has destroyed.
  3. Naps
  4. Going outside … just to love the outside a little more. Nature is truly beautiful. If you want your mind blown about nature watch “Fractals” you will never look at a cloud or a tree the same. 🙂
  5. Talking to my loved ones … I know a lot of people might do this frequently, but I don’t live near my family, and I don’t have any time to talk that isn’t between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. It’s just nice to connect with the people you love the most and hear what is going on their lives.

What things have you been loving lately?

Until next time, I send you peace love and good energy!




Learn something new every day

There’s always room for improvement, right? I know I am certainly not perfect, and there are always things I can do to improve my life. I think one of the most important components of improving one’s life is through education. We are never too old (or young!) to learn new ways to take care of the precious vessel we live in. But, we are all too busy, right? Wrong! Small changes can make a big impact!

Recently, I have been catching up on some health/food documentaries that I have been meaning to watch for a while now. I highly recommend BOTH of these films: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change. Both movies provide great insight into what happens to our bodies when we eat. I won’t spoil the films for you if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching them.

My takeaways from these films:

  • We are an over-fed, undernutritioned society. We eat TONS of foods that have little to no nutritional value, and we consume little of the foods that have the most nutritional value. Example: TONS of cheeseburgers, and a tiny bit of salad.
  • JUICE MORE!!! In our house, we usually juice once a day, usually before dinner. We each drink a giant glass of leafy greens, cucumbers, and celery juice. Watching these films has prompted me to juice in the morning, too! So, before I go to sleep, I cut up apples, oranges, grapefruits, carrots, beets and other goodies, so that when I wake up – instead of morning coffee, I have morning juice!
  • Stop eating sugar!!! Not just refined sugar … but also: organic sugar, bread (yes, bread is metabolized as sugar!), pasta, rice, waffles, coffee (the way I drink it – it is SO sweet), potatoes (yes, potatoes are metabolized as sugar!), pizza, muffins, pancakes, rolls, biscuits, english muffins, and anything wheat. This one is going to be hard for me …
  • Replace my coffee with tea. This one is not going to happen over night. So far, I’ve gone four days with no morning coffee … I’ve had tea … and there have been no meltdowns. I did have an afternoon coffee yesterday … but at least I put it off until then. (PROGRESS not PERFECTION!)
  • Move your body and get it outside! We are humans. We were born to live in the wild – our bodies need to be outside in the fresh air walking or doing something. Even a 30 minute walk – walk your dog, take the kids to the park, anything! Get outside and get moving. If you do this 3 times a week (really, 1.5 hours is not too much to ask for the sake of your health) you will feel better and have more energy.
  • Never, under any circumstance, drink soda. The stuff is POISON in a can! The sugar is bad, the fake sugar is bad, the caffeine is bad, and the phosphoric acid deteriorates and weakens your bones.

How do you make progress toward your health goals? Have you ever seen either of the films I mentioned?

Until next time, I send you peace, love and good energy!


Practical Ways to Be the Best You

The main reason I started this blog was to show people how easy it is to live healthy. Most people use the convenience of fast foods, prepackaged meals, and lack of time as excuses to lead unhealthy lives. I’m here to tell you that there are little things you can do everyday that lead to a healthier life style.

I am just a busy as next person: I work part-time as a paralegal, go to school full-time and still have time to maintain friendships and spend time with my Sweetheart. This “healthy life” does not happen over night. I certainly do not advocate drastically changing any habits – things just don’t stick well when you do it that way. My philosophy is to take small steps everyday … if you keep doing it long enough, they become habits, and habits turn into a lifestyle.

Starting a healthier life takes time and dedication. It has to be a personal decision to take care of yourself and be the best you can be. After all, the only people we can ever change is ourselves.

For me, it started with eating healthier. I enjoyed my new meals, cooking them, not having junk in my house, not drinking soda … it was great! I felt better, and I was sick less-often. Then I started exercising – and I hate, hate, hate exercising. Ask my Sweetheart – it’s still a struggle some days just to get me to go for a walk (I get very exhausted from school). I’m not an expert at being healthy, I just know the practical, rational, and easy ways to take steps towards the lifestyle that I wanted. What I see as a healthy lifestyle may not be for everyone, but it could give you some ideas.

So, how did I go from eating fast food and drinking soda to making my own toothpaste and talking smack about GMOs? Like I said – small steps everyday. This is a list – pick one and do it for a week, then add one more thing, and do that for a week … (that’s my secret to getting healthy)

  • Change what you are putting in your body. I went from bacon to turkey bacon to veggie bacon. (Yeah – I just said BACON)
  • Stop drinking soda – it’s killing you. Trust me.
  • Drink more water. And if you think you’re drinking enough … drink more.
  • Stretch! We hurt, achy, and sore from lack of movement.
  • Exercise. Walking, bike riding, yoga, hiking, martial arts, jumping jacks – whatever form you like. Do it!
  • Be spiritual. Whether that is church, praying, or meditation … take time each day to honor your family, think of the ones you love, be grateful for all of your blessings in life, and ask for the courage and strength to make it through the tough times.
  • Recycle. I’m not going to give you reasons – it is just the right thing to do. (Karma points!)
  • Think deeply about what you put on your body: lotions, shampoos, etc.
  • Love yourself enough to do what’s best for you. And don’t give up just because you slip up. Admit you slipped – or made the conscious decision to slip, move on, and get back on track.
  • Put down the alcohol or limit yourself.
  • Relax and breathe … from the belly.
  • No prepackaged or prepared foods.

From here you can move into the more advanced versions of healthy … or as some of my friends call it … I’m being a “hippie.” I would really like to think of my self as a modern-urban-hippie. I’m not sure that nickname will catch on.

Let me press this upon you once again, if you’re trying to get healthy – take small steps. If you try to do it all at once – you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Whatever you choose to do to make the step toward a healthy life I wish you the best of luck!!! You can do it!!!

Please comment with any questions or suggestions you may have for me. I love hearing the feedback.

If you want healthy recipes, want to try something new, or want natural alternatives to everyday products – feel free to peruse the rest of my posts for some fun ideas.

Until next time, I send you peace, love, and good energy.