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Wash your yoga mat!!!

The inspiration for this post is from my new friends I met at yoga the other night. I had just laid my mat down in the room and was spraying it with my Balance Yoga Mat Cleaner when one of my fellow yogis asked what I was spraying. I showed the bottle to her and explained that I normally wash my mat, but that I use this natural spray to freshen it up. She told me she had never washed her mat and that it smelled “plastic-y.”

As I walked back to my mat it occurred to me that many people may not wash their yoga mats, may not know how, or where to begin. So, I thought I would share with you how I keep my mat clean.

Why wash your mat? Well, if you think about it, you put it on the ground, where everyone’s feet have been walking around all day. Then, you lay on it, put your face all over it, put your feet on it, and generally roll all around on this thing during class. I have no scientific research to prove that there are probably germs all over it, but common sense tells me it is something that is probably dirty, and I should probably wash it.

I generally wash my yoga mat after each practice. Especially if I did Bikram yoga…

Note: Please check if your mat is biodegradable. If it is, this method is not for you. If you submerge a biodegradable mat in water … it will most likely disintegrate.

What you will need:

How to:

  1. I start filling my washer with hot or warm water.
  2. I then add about 1/3 cup of my natural laundry soap.
  3. Next, I add my natural fabric softener to the rinse cup. My fabric softener also doubles as a disinfectant.
  4. Then I put my yoga mat in like so:
    For the visual learners :)

    For the visual learners 🙂

    (I can fit 2  yoga mats in at the same time.)

  5. I set my washer to a normal wash.
  6. Once the wash cycle is over, I hang my yoga mat to dry. I am fortunate enough to have a drying rack, I just lay it over the top and let it air dry. If you don’t have a drying rack, you can put it over the shower rod, or even over the top of a door to dry.

Do you wash your yoga mat??? If so, please comment below and tell us how you do it!

Until next time, I send you peace, love and good energy!



Practical Ways to Be the Best You

The main reason I started this blog was to show people how easy it is to live healthy. Most people use the convenience of fast foods, prepackaged meals, and lack of time as excuses to lead unhealthy lives. I’m here to tell you that there are little things you can do everyday that lead to a healthier life style.

I am just a busy as next person: I work part-time as a paralegal, go to school full-time and still have time to maintain friendships and spend time with my Sweetheart. This “healthy life” does not happen over night. I certainly do not advocate drastically changing any habits – things just don’t stick well when you do it that way. My philosophy is to take small steps everyday … if you keep doing it long enough, they become habits, and habits turn into a lifestyle.

Starting a healthier life takes time and dedication. It has to be a personal decision to take care of yourself and be the best you can be. After all, the only people we can ever change is ourselves.

For me, it started with eating healthier. I enjoyed my new meals, cooking them, not having junk in my house, not drinking soda … it was great! I felt better, and I was sick less-often. Then I started exercising – and I hate, hate, hate exercising. Ask my Sweetheart – it’s still a struggle some days just to get me to go for a walk (I get very exhausted from school). I’m not an expert at being healthy, I just know the practical, rational, and easy ways to take steps towards the lifestyle that I wanted. What I see as a healthy lifestyle may not be for everyone, but it could give you some ideas.

So, how did I go from eating fast food and drinking soda to making my own toothpaste and talking smack about GMOs? Like I said – small steps everyday. This is a list – pick one and do it for a week, then add one more thing, and do that for a week … (that’s my secret to getting healthy)

  • Change what you are putting in your body. I went from bacon to turkey bacon to veggie bacon. (Yeah – I just said BACON)
  • Stop drinking soda – it’s killing you. Trust me.
  • Drink more water. And if you think you’re drinking enough … drink more.
  • Stretch! We hurt, achy, and sore from lack of movement.
  • Exercise. Walking, bike riding, yoga, hiking, martial arts, jumping jacks – whatever form you like. Do it!
  • Be spiritual. Whether that is church, praying, or meditation … take time each day to honor your family, think of the ones you love, be grateful for all of your blessings in life, and ask for the courage and strength to make it through the tough times.
  • Recycle. I’m not going to give you reasons – it is just the right thing to do. (Karma points!)
  • Think deeply about what you put on your body: lotions, shampoos, etc.
  • Love yourself enough to do what’s best for you. And don’t give up just because you slip up. Admit you slipped – or made the conscious decision to slip, move on, and get back on track.
  • Put down the alcohol or limit yourself.
  • Relax and breathe … from the belly.
  • No prepackaged or prepared foods.

From here you can move into the more advanced versions of healthy … or as some of my friends call it … I’m being a “hippie.” I would really like to think of my self as a modern-urban-hippie. I’m not sure that nickname will catch on.

Let me press this upon you once again, if you’re trying to get healthy – take small steps. If you try to do it all at once – you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Whatever you choose to do to make the step toward a healthy life I wish you the best of luck!!! You can do it!!!

Please comment with any questions or suggestions you may have for me. I love hearing the feedback.

If you want healthy recipes, want to try something new, or want natural alternatives to everyday products – feel free to peruse the rest of my posts for some fun ideas.

Until next time, I send you peace, love, and good energy.